We are a multi-disciplined public relations consultancy, providing award winning communications solutions for companies, organisations and individuals operating in and around the financial services sector.


By combining expertise from across the three disciplines of Public & Regulatory Affairs, Corporate & Consumer PR and Social & Digital Media we help our clients tell their stories more effectively to more of the people that matter.

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Sesame Bankhall Group announces strategic review update

Sesame Bankhall Group announces strategic review update

After a year of significant business progress and financial support from our parent company, Sesame Bankhall Group (SBG) today announces an update to its ongoing strategic review to develop a profitable re-structured business group. The ongoing strategic review, which... read more

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Two Minutes with Mark Gee, Senior Consultant at MRM

Two Minutes with Mark Gee, Senior Consultant at MRM

MRM has recently launched Debate & Discussion, a new initiative within the MyFS stable of ideas and events. The first one (http://myfs-events.co.uk/debate-discussion-pension-reforms-and-opportunities-for-the-wealth-management-industry/) considered the opportunities and challenges for the wealth management industry given the upcoming pension reforms. Why this subject?

read more

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MRM Digital, our online division, has the expertise to help your business profit from this rapidly expanding area of marketing and communications.

We’re passionate about delivering channel agnostic digital campaigns that chase measurable business outcomes.  Find out more.


Our MYFS events are a modern approach to a familiar but tired format of roundtable and panel discussions. Each month, in an exclusive studio overlooking Tower Bridge, MYFS offers thought leaders from the world of financial services the opportunity to meet and debate key issues of the day in front of an audience of handpicked journalists from the national and trade media. Go to MYFS now. 

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Young Money Report

MRM’s second annual Young Money report, “Generation Austerity” looks at attitudes of young people towards pressing issues, including immigration, entitlement to Government handouts and financial services, and how these have been coloured by the uncertain economic and political environment that many in this age group have grown up in. Read More.

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