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A week at MRM

Katy Moore gives an insight into a week at MRM, giving all the gossip from her working week while highlighting what news has interested MRM over the past seven days

This weekend saw the last Bank Holiday before Christmas and luckily for us it was an absolute scorcher! Ahem. However, before we all get too ‘moany’ about the weather, spare a thought for our friends across the pond who had somewhat worse conditions to contend with. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Irene.

With so much activity occurring across the globe with wars, hurricanes and financial crises, it was only a matter of time before the record for the most tweets per second was broken. But it was not the Earth shattering news you may have expected – it was the revelation that (hold the front page!) Beyoncé and Jay-Z are expecting their first child. This announcement sent tweets flying into the Twittersphere at the rate of nearly 8,900 a second. And if that figure doesn’t make your brain hurt, check out this chart to see how other major events ranked.

Now as we have seen, there is absolutely no news out there that is more important than Beyoncé, but slightly closer to home we have been very interested in Fidelity FundsNetwork’s decision to reveal its fund manager payments. This is a major step for the platform industry – something that Nucleus’ David Ferguson notes in his latest blog.

At MRM Towers we are in a very celebratory mood today as we have not one, but two major events. Firstly, today is Charlotte’s birthday! So we are currently enjoying some cake – sadly not made by master-baker Jules, but delicious nonetheless. Birthday bumps will take place outside after work for anyone who wishes to come and observe.

And in even more exciting news, our resident social guru Michael Taggart will be tying the knot tomorrow. Congratulations Sir!

NB: Nucleus is a client of MRM

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