What #WheresWabbit Is Weally All About

What #WheresWabbit Is Weally All About

You might have noticed your Twitter timeline stuffed with the hashtag #WheresWabbit for an hour every day this week.

This has been part of a game we’ve been hosting – a daily hunt for Wabbit, who has been hiding in various pages within our website.

It’s now the final day of the competition so it’s time to tell you what that waskily Wabbit weally wants – and it’s not just to give away free chocolate.

We wanted to build attention ahead of today when we play the final game.

Because today, it’s all about raising awareness (and hopefully some funds too) for MRM’s chosen charity for 2012, the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB).

RNIB does incredible work, offering invaluable information, advice and support to people with sight loss – something our very own Jenny Crossland knows about first-hand after her dad was registered blind five years ago (you can read her blog post here on his experiences and the difference the charity has made to him).

When you find Wabbit today, you will be invited to post a tweet that will lead anyone who reads it to the donations page on the RNIB’s website.

Not only that, but for every person who finds Wabbit and posts that tweet, MRM will donate £2 to the charity (up to £250).

Just £15 pays for a Tele befriending session for someone with sight loss who is feeling isolated and lonely. And £79 enables someone to continue reading talking books for a year.

Oh, and we’ll still be giving away 50 delicious baby Lindt bunnies to the winner.

So don’t forget to toon in AT MIDDAY and join us one last time in a game of #WheresWabbit – either by following the hashtag or by keeping an eye on Wabbit’s Twitter profile.

Th-th-th-that’s all for now, folks.




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